Onsala recruites a Chalmers talent 2015-09-01

Onsala recruites a Chalmers talent.

We are glad to announce that our thesis-student Kajsa Bengtsson is starting her career with us at Onsla Ingenjörsbyrå.

She just finished her thesis on the analytic prediction of vibrations of a slender rod, caused by axial flow and has provided us with data that will strengthen our FSI-area. The thesis was based on ANSYS Fluent coupled to ANSYS Mechanical with a full FSI (viscous) coupling (see earlier news from this spring).

Kajsa has proven to be very analytic and has a M.Sc. in Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science from Chalmers.

We believe that Kajsa will be a great asset to Onsala Ingenjörsbyår in the area of mechanics and FSI.

Contact information to Kajsa will be uploaded soon. She started her employment the 31st of August.

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