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Our services are mainly focused on solid and fluid dynamics and how these two phenomenon interact. We provide the tools and the knowledge to meet our clients’ needs when faced with a structural, fluid, thermal or highly coupled FSI challenge.

We manage this through an in-house variety of high end hardware coupled with state of the art programs, dedicated to these challenges and of course controlled by people with years of experience in these fields. Please see some of the many projects we have been working with over the past years.

From the start large investments in computer resources have been a priority. Thus, non-linear FEA, large structural dynamics models and very large CFD problems are targeted and continuously drives the development of calculation models and methods as well as hardware.

Examples of our areas of expertise:

  • Fracture mechanics
  • Fatigue analysis - now with the option of including environmental effects, due to the coolant and material properties, which is going to be implemented in the ASME-code
  • Static and dynamic structure analysis
  • Static and dynamic fluid analysis
  • Thermal mixing, conduction and thermal stress analysis
  • Two-phase thermo hydraulics in Relap5
  • Fluid structure interaction FSI
  • Analysis of large amounts of data

    We are also qualified to construct CAD-models for clients who wish to have 3D models of their 2D-drawings. We have a large portfolio of successful projects were we have produced CAD-models of BWR and PWR, with complete RPV and internals, for clients such as Ringhals and Oskarshamn.


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