We use ADINA-FSI and also combined analyses using ADINA with thermal-hydraulic loads from RELAP5FLUENT and STAR-CCM+. For LOCA and vibrant acoustic analyses we use different strategies, depending on the physics involved, utilizing the linear potential fluid, subsonic potential fluid, 2-way ADINA-FSI, or 1+2-way ADINA-FSI. The method of coupling Relap5 with Adina in the ways mentioned has proven very powerful in benchmarks and evaluation of real world experiments.

Our latest appearance in ADINA News!

New from year 2013 is that we now have ANSYS Mechanical, coupled to ANSYS Fluent. This gives us full 2-way coupled FSI. The vision is to be able to predict highly coupled systems where the non-linear effects of the fluid is dominant and not in an easy way, compensated or corrected for.


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