About Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå



Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå is a consultant firm with high focus on advanced calculations concerning material strength and fluid dynamics and the coupling between the two. The main part of our work is concentrated to the Swedish nuclear industry but we also do similar work for the Swedish car, space and marine industry.

We are able to deal with the complete chain, from thermo-hydraulics, through 3D CAD assemblies to large structural and fluid dynamic models. Our assignments includes many physical problems like fracture mechanics, two-phase thermo-hydraulics, fluid structure interaction, thermal fatigue, thermal mixing, steady-state and transient fluid dynamics, and structure dynamics.

Our tasks are often highly complex and unique in their characteristics which mean that the challenges are constantly shifting and demands key knowledge in many areas including CAD, FEA and CFD but also signal processing and computer handling. We solve this by having a broad knowledge in the fields we work in and by constantly work on a strong culture in the company that value extending our knowledge by training and attending courses and seminars. The tasks we take on also demands high end computers which always have been pushing us to invest in better and faster computers. It has also pushed us to constantly validate our programs and using only the programs we think is the best for the type of jobs we take on.

The company has two in-house CFD HP-clusters, one with 120 nodes (2015) with ANSYS Fluent, and one with 256 nodes (2009) with other CFD-software. For FEA calculations we use one HP-cluster with 80 nodes dedicated to ADINA. Today we don’t know anyone else that has the same power per user and it also means we can react fast on incoming jobs with almost no lead-times on the computers.

We frequently attend both national and international benchmarks and RnD projects in order to validate both our programs, hardware but fir most to validate and evolve our own knowledge.

To our aid we also have a senior team of consultants in fields from material properties to nuclear physicists. 

We also work with Berdiz and Virtuell Design in Sweden and with Fauske in USA, were we contribute to each other's excellence in meeting our customers demands.

Summarized: The company provides experienced and dedicated personnel, high-end software and hardware resources to support our valuable clients.


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