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Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå AB

About us

Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå is a consulting firm specializing in computationally intensive strength and flow analyses. Most of the assignments are carried out for the Swedish nuclear power industry, but we have also carried out assignments for the Swedish automotive, space and marine industries.

Our assignments are often complex and unique in nature, which means that the challenges are diverse and require interdisciplinary skills in CAD, FEA and CFD as well as signal processing and data management. We do this by having a wide range of common skills in the areas we work in and by constantly working on a strong cohesion in the group. The assignments we take on often require large computer resources, which constantly drives us to be at the forefront of the development of computer capacity and software, so we don’t shy away from jobs that others might consider too difficult or too big.

We frequently participate in international benchmarks and R&D projects to validate and develop our methods, programs and hardware as well as conferences and trainings to maintain a high level of competence.

We also have a group of experienced senior advisors in both materials engineering and thermoset physics.

2016, Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå, Berdiz and Virtuell Design started BEVION Group AB, a supplier of complete solutions in our areas. Since the start, Bevion Group has grown considerably and now includes several further specialist companies.

For larger and complex assignments that require more resources, we also have a collaboration within the Bevion Group in Sweden and with, for example, Fauske in the USA.

Business idea

Ensuring essential functions in the nuclear reactor and other industrial applications through advanced strength and flow calculations, high expertise, validated software and powerful computer equipment.

Onsala Ingenjörsbyrå AB

Our vision

“Your partner for advanced strength and flow calculations”